Services Overview


Olivos offers a range of flexible services and works closely with the family and all members of the treatment team to ensure the services are designed to meet the specific needs of an individual. 


Our psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners provide evaluation, assessment, and medication management. 


An Olivos therapist provides therapy using the appropriate therapeutic approach based on the diagnosis of the individual. Therapists use specific modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), motivation enhancement, solution-focused treatment, trauma-focused CBT, and more. Therapists teach skills, coping strategies, and help clients process trauma and deeper emotions or experiences that may be underlying their behavior. Therapists direct treatment in collaboration with the rest of the clinical team, notably with the psychiatrist and case manager. 

Case Management

The Olivos case manager supports both the individual and family as needed. Services for an individual may include supporting medication management, sobriety support, appointment management and attendance, engaging in positive social activities (art, sports, music, etc), and in-vivo coaching around therapeutic coping skills. Case managers work closely with therapists and act to bring the therapeutic work into everyday life. 
Case managers help individuals practice what they are learning in session as they interact with activities, school, and social situations that may be triggering for them. The case manager can assist parents in identifying individual and family needs, connecting them with resources, and coordinating services between professionals. As well, the case manager can support a family with organization, time management, and communication to assist parents who may be coping with the challenges of coordinating with multiple professionals in their child’s life. 

Crisis Intervention and Safety Planning

All Olivos individuals and families have access to a 24-hour Olivos support line for assistance with crisis management, de-escalation, parenting support, or any other needs that may arise for an individual or family. Additionally, all families participate in a safety planning process that identifies any possible safety concerns
(self-harm, aggression, runaway behaviors) and outlines preventative steps and interventions at each stage.

Meeting Facilitation

The team meeting facilitator, who is often also the case manager, identifies and collaborates with the various professional and family support partners involved with an individual and family to develop a cohesive team. The facilitator will assist the team in developing common goals, creating action steps toward goals, and monitoring progress. 

Behavioral Intervention

A behavioral coach works with the family and individual to complete a functional behavioral analysis that thoroughly assesses and understands the pattern of behavior that an individual is struggling with. A behavioral plan will be created based on the results of the assessment that will teach the individual new skills, create positive incentives for new behaviors, and provide in-vivo coaching for healthy, positive coping skills. 

Parenting Support, Skills, and Coaching

Case managers provide parents with assistance in enhancing parenting skills such as setting limits, creating routines and structure, increasing connection and empathy with a child, improving family communication, and keeping calm in the face of challenging behaviors. Case managers also assist parents in increasing their own support network and strengthening self-care skills to be better able to address their child’s behavioral needs. 

Education and Vocational Development

Educational and vocational specialists help identify areas of career interest through a structured assessment process. They assist the individual in developing a resume and preparing for interviews, and then provide on-the-job coaching, as needed. Our vocational specialists have long-standing relationships with employers who actively support and participate in our vocational program. 

Adjunct Wellness Services

Olivos also offers an array of wellness services that can be used to augment the clinical treatment plan. Such services include

  • Yoga

  • Fitness

  • Massage

  • Nutrition