Olivos Principles and Practice

Olivos is a leading innovator in the field of private pay, community-based, and family-focused treatment services. The success of our clients rests upon our commitment to four core service principles:

Wellness-Oriented Individualized Care  

We know each person is unique and deserves a wellness plan designed for their specific needs and goals. We work closely with each client to develop a plan to ensure success in all domains of life. Our mandate is to help our clients realize their full potential and goals.

Strength-Based Service Planning

We believe that everyone is doing their best; our approach is grounded in respect and humility, never judgment. We look for strengths and “things going well” to build a service plan. Every person, no matter the situation, has great internal strengths they bring to their treatment. The client’s voice is central to our process and we work collaboratively with the client and their natural support system.

Fully-Committed Care

We commit to understanding how to best engage each client and ensure they receive the care they need to succeed. Olivos walks alongside our clients on the path to wellness and we never give up on a client as long as our services are desired.


We understand a client may have an existing clinical team. While Olivos can offer a full array of clinical services, we also work and collaborate with other providers. Olivos will work to develop a cohesive team that communicates well and delivers consistent and coordinated care for each client.

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