About Olivos

Olivos offers private, personalized, and comprehensive mental health treatment and supportive services. Our highly-trained professionals serve people of all ages in their homes, the community, and in our offices. Our family-centered, strength-based, and outcome-oriented services are an alternative to high-level group care placements for individuals with complex and enduring needs.

Olivos works to stabilize an individual so that they can meet their goals. We merge the principles and practices of the wraparound model with our own foundational principles to provide intensive, in-home mental health support to individuals and families.

Our staff forms a partnership with the individual and family in the assessment, planning, and implementation process. At the same time, we add clinical guidance and expertise that assists in determining realistic goals, tailoring plans to each individual’s needs to achieve these goals, and monitoring the action steps along the way.

Olivos delivers flexible services that support existing treatment or provides a more structured program that mirrors aspects of an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that can be delivered in the home.

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